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Short Story 01 — An Ocean of Love

“Once upon a time, on an island far away, there lived Love with the Ocean.” Imagine waking up to the same lovely routine, every day, when unexpectedly, what you cherish most seems to leave. —> Read the short story (PDF) The loveliest island there ever was This…
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Laitues > Blog > 2019 > 06/June > 30 > Short Story 01 — An Ocean of Love
Quentin Ribac

Short Story 00 — Space Punk

A brand-new spaceship underequipped “for style”, the engineer, the boss’ son, the young cook… going from space station K50 to X42. Will they reach their destination without getting lost in interstellar void? Is human society threatened from the outside or the inside?…
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Laitues > Blog > 2019 > 05/May > 10 > Short Story 00 — Space Punk
Quentin Ribac

Is programming an art?

Welcome to Laitues (Lettuce) ! So for this first article, we (Johyn and Quentin) were inspired by a discussion we had on Discord about something important: art. And more precisely, the question of the artistic interest of our own field of study and the one we are passionate…
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Laitues > Blog > 2018 > 08/August > 23 > Is programming an art?
Johyn Papin
Quentin Ribac